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This is a blog simply for amusing AIM chats. I figured that people didn't want to read an lj friends page spammed by them constantly, but these conversations must be saved! What if my computer crashes and the chatlogs die?

Friday, June 16, 2006

George was neutered

Me: No he's just behaving like that becuause he feels bad.
Mikey: Of course he feels bad--he got his balls cut off!
Mikey: Now his personality is different. He's like...a rabbit.


ThePendragoness: I feel like Hermione
ThePendragoness: because I've read so much of the Reed website
leighatreed: hahahaha
leighatreed: you are Hermione
ThePendragoness: too bad there isn't a book "Reed College: A History"
ThePendragoness: or is there?
ThePendragoness: I might have to check it out ;-)
leighatreed: yup
leighatreed: no, there isn't
leighatreed: sorry
ThePendragoness: oh well *runs off and studies here honor principle packet*
ThePendragoness: *her

Friday, June 02, 2006

Not an AIM convo, but

Chip: I think after this present situation, I've realized that I'm not cut out for polyamorous or monogamous relationships.
Me: So you're just not cut out for relationships? You're pulling that line.
Chip: Yes.
Me: That's just new age laziness.

Monday, May 29, 2006


[00:41] SpOOkeE eYeZ: I wish you actually turned into a pine tree when that happened. Life would be a lot easier.
[00:41] JamesPandLilyE: haha
[00:42] SpOOkeE eYeZ: I'm serious. The minute you start pining for a guy/girl you turn into a tree for like, a week.
[00:42] SpOOkeE eYeZ: It would really put things in perspective
[00:43] JamesPandLilyE: and I think it would be kind of a cool sensation to be a tree
[00:43] SpOOkeE eYeZ: It depends on the tree, I think
[00:44] SpOOkeE eYeZ: I think maybe those short, hairy, stumpy palm trees would kind of be lame
[00:44] SpOOkeE eYeZ: but oh man, to be a redwood? It would be like "I...AM....TREEGOD!! MUAHAHAHAHA!"
[00:47] SpOOkeE eYeZ: And then you would fall on someone and feel a little bit better
[00:47] SpOOkeE eYeZ: And no harm done.
[00:47] SpOOkeE eYeZ: Unless you were the person who got a giant redwood falling on them

Thursday, May 18, 2006

This isn't out of context--there was no context to begin with

[20:47] Bryan: can i fantasize that you are in fact a giant marshmallow

Little Gator

[18:39] JamesPandLilyE: man, Caitlin
[18:40] JamesPandLilyE: I've been watching too much Grey's anatomy
[18:40] JamesPandLilyE: because really want to become a surgeon
[18:40] Caitlin MacDougal: you can do anything you want to, connie
[18:41] JamesPandLilyE: haha, this happens when I watch Law and Order too
[18:41] Caitlin MacDougal: yeah I really know what you mean
[18:41] JamesPandLilyE: I'm like "whoa, wouldn't it be awesome to be a court litagator?"
[18:41] JamesPandLilyE: (totally butchered the spelling there, but whatever)
[18:42] Caitlin MacDougal: I don't know how to spell it either. but it makes me think of an alligator in a suit
[18:42] JamesPandLilyE: Totally
[18:42] JamesPandLilyE: When I was little I thought it was a "little gator"
[18:43] Caitlin MacDougal: haha that's so cute!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Engineers + spelling?

[22:13] Hanna: and if so, do I put it down as mit or massblahblahblah
[22:14] JamesPandLilyE: however much room you have
[22:15] Hanna: I should really learn how to spell massachusetts confindently
[22:15] JamesPandLilyE: confidently?
[22:15] Hanna: that was a typo
[22:16] Hanna: can tell by looking at it, it's not semi-phonetic the way most spelling errors are
[22:16] JamesPandLilyE: I know, it was just amusing

Welcome to the Monkey House

20:12] JamesPandLilyE: do you still want to build a treehouse?
[20:12] Dylan: yes!
[20:12] Dylan: so much
[20:13] JamesPandLilyE: let's do it
[20:13] JamesPandLilyE: in the canyon
[20:13] Dylan: that's what i was thinking
[20:13] Dylan: find a good tree over the canyon
[20:13] Dylan: move in
[20:13] JamesPandLilyE: sweet
[20:13] JamesPandLilyE: we'd need to make sure we built the roof well and not leaky
[20:13] JamesPandLilyE: cuz it rains a lot
[20:13] Dylan: yeah
[20:13] Dylan: that was my one worry
[20:14] Dylan: the roof would be the hardest part
[20:14] JamesPandLilyE: indeed
[20:14] JamesPandLilyE: but if it were done well
[20:14] JamesPandLilyE: I think one of the best parts about rain is the pattering sound
[20:14] Dylan: and the smell, always the smell
[20:14] JamesPandLilyE: when you're lying in bed
[20:14] JamesPandLilyE: and hear the pattering sound
[20:14] JamesPandLilyE: yeah, the smell's pretty awesome too
[20:14] Dylan: its comforting
[20:15] Dylan: im looking forward to getting out of my state's droguht so much
[20:15] Dylan: nd having evrythign be green and vibrabt
[20:15] Dylan: vibrant*
[20:15] JamesPandLilyE: I'm seriously remembering all this shit
[20:15] JamesPandLilyE: the treehouse
[20:16] JamesPandLilyE: tripping on LSD
[20:16] JamesPandLilyE: all of it
[20:16] JamesPandLilyE: and totally calling you on it next year
[20:16] Dylan: alrighty
[20:16] Dylan: sweet
[20:16] JamesPandLilyE: and we're DOING IT
[20:16] Dylan: I like that
[20:16] JamesPandLilyE: for seriousness
[20:16] Dylan: nice
[20:16] Dylan: partner's in debauchery?
[20:17] JamesPandLilyE: perhaps, though this sounds more like spontaneous adventures
[20:17] JamesPandLilyE: I usually reserve partner in debauchery as a boyfriend's position
[20:18] Dylan: spontaneous adventures anre equally good
[20:18] Dylan: aha
[20:19] JamesPandLilyE: can we draw on the walls of the treehouse with chalk?
[20:19] JamesPandLilyE: or crayons?
[20:19] Dylan: well, it would have to have soem sort of decoration
[20:19] JamesPandLilyE: and do cave paintings?
[20:19] Dylan: so i would fully support that
[20:19] Dylan: and day-glo designs
[20:19] Dylan: besides, if you help build it its equally yours
[20:20] JamesPandLilyE: is it going to have a ladder or is it going to be the hardcore type you have to climb up the tree to get into?
[20:20] Dylan: idk...theres all these thigns to think about
[20:20] Dylan: what;s your preference
[20:20] JamesPandLilyE: it really depends on the tree
[20:21] JamesPandLilyE: however, I'm a fan of rope ladders
[20:21] JamesPandLilyE: because they are unstable enough to be difficult, but give you that extra boost, you know?
[20:21] Dylan: yeah
[20:21] Dylan: it makes the tree houes much more open to visitors though
[20:21] JamesPandLilyE: damn
[20:22] JamesPandLilyE: can we call it The Monkeyhouse?
[20:22] JamesPandLilyE: So we can say "Welcome to the Monkeyhouse"?
[20:22] Dylan: haha, yes
[20:23] Dylan: and it needs a minibar


[22:47] JamesPandLilyE: And my dad and I just had a fight about how loud the music could be while I ran on the treadmill
[22:47] JamesPandLilyE: Which ended with my mother saying "You think you're an adult, start acting like one!"
[22:47] Katie Tanner: That seems to be a classic line
[22:48] Katie Tanner: Passed down through the ages to infuriate the spawn of parents everywhere
[22:49] JamesPandLilyE: At least she indulges me by (almost) acknowledging that I might (maybe) be (close to) an adult
[22:49] Katie Tanner: I like that strategic use of parentheses
[22:49] Katie Tanner: You're like a parentheses ninja
[22:49] JamesPandLilyE: haha
[22:50] Katie Tanner: Only instead of nunchucks you use semicolons
[22:50] Katie Tanner: and instead of death stars you weild parentheses
[22:50] JamesPandLilyE: Haha
[22:51] JamesPandLilyE: I'm an Punctuninja
[22:51] Katie Tanner: Watch out for those semi-colons! They're tricky buggers.
[22:51] Katie Tanner: Can only be wielded by a master of grammar
[22:53] Katie Tanner: You hide in that space between the lines. The one where we're all supposed to read in high school english

Sunday, May 14, 2006

On rebellion

JamesPandLilyE: So I think, Leigh
Leigh: yes?
JamesPandLilyE: I won't get my nose pierced when I go to college
JamesPandLilyE: because that seems to be the Reed Girl thing to do
Leigh: now you're rebelling against the rebellion
JamesPandLilyE: Precisely

Apparently I am a mommy

[16:39] Bryan: how was your mothers day
[16:39] Bryan: did your children get you nice things
[16:40] JamesPandLilyE: oh yeah
[16:41] Bryan: that is nice
[16:41] JamesPandLilyE: lots

Of photorespiring cats and ATP

[22:12] JamesPandLilyE: so my friends parents are huge dorks
[22:12] Katie Tanner: Somehow I can't see that poker game happening
[22:13] JamesPandLilyE: and her little brother is named Solon
[22:13] Katie Tanner: Oh really?
[22:13] Katie Tanner: Hahahhaaha
[22:13] JamesPandLilyE: and she is named Pallas
[22:13] JamesPandLilyE: and her othe sister is named Sage
[22:13] Katie Tanner: Oh, those poor, poor children
[22:13] JamesPandLilyE: *other
[22:13] JamesPandLilyE: I'm serious
[22:13] Katie Tanner: If I ever turn that dorky...lord help us all
[22:13] Katie Tanner: I'll have a kid named "carboxyl"
[22:13] Katie Tanner: or "kranz"
[22:14] Katie Tanner: or "drosera"
[22:14] JamesPandLilyE: my friends physics teacher wanted to name his kid Delta Flux
[22:14] Katie Tanner: or "ATP"
[22:14] JamesPandLilyE: but his wife vetoed it
[22:14] JamesPandLilyE: haha
[22:14] Katie Tanner: Thank goodness
[22:14] JamesPandLilyE: or have the initials be ATP
[22:14] Katie Tanner: Totally
[22:14] JamesPandLilyE: or like RNA
[22:14] Katie Tanner: And have them be a really lethargic, overweight kid
[22:14] JamesPandLilyE: SNURP
[22:14] Katie Tanner: SNURP!
[22:14] Katie Tanner: YESSSS!
[22:15] JamesPandLilyE: name your kid Snurp
[22:15] Katie Tanner: It's like smurf, but more important
[22:15] JamesPandLilyE: or Rubisco
[22:15] Katie Tanner: Or lac
[22:15] JamesPandLilyE: or Tryp
[22:16] Katie Tanner: I really want to see a comic about a tryptophant
[22:16] JamesPandLilyE: haha
[22:16] Katie Tanner: because it would be hilarious to like, only a couple people I know
[22:17] Katie Tanner: Maybe a sleepy elephant or something
[22:18] JamesPandLilyE: I'm totally blogging this conversation
[22:18] Katie Tanner: Hahaha. About how horribly dorky we are?
[22:18] Katie Tanner: It's okay, 'cause I'm totally photoshopping a sleepy elephant now
[22:23] Katie Tanner: I totally want this on a tshirt
[22:23] JamesPandLilyE: what does it say?
[22:23] Katie Tanner: Hang on, I'll show you
[22:24] Katie Tanner: (Link:
[22:24] JamesPandLilyE: the venn diagrams one?
[22:24] Katie Tanner: (Link: bigger version
[22:25] Katie Tanner: Yes
[22:25] Katie Tanner: totally
[22:25] Katie Tanner: Well, I thought it was funny, anyway
[22:26] JamesPandLilyE: okay, if not a child, I'm still having a cat named Snurp
[22:27] Katie Tanner: Totally. and then it would slurp its milk and you could be like "Snurp, don't slurp" and only speak in rhyme
[22:27] Katie Tanner: I tried to do that once during conference. It was hard
[22:27] JamesPandLilyE: although I also wanted to have a cat named Noam
[22:27] JamesPandLilyE: or Chomsky
[22:27] JamesPandLilyE: because those are the best cat names ever
[22:28] JamesPandLilyE: or possibly Schrodinger
[22:28] JamesPandLilyE: Schrondinger would be a mean name for a cat
[22:30] Katie Tanner: Haha. Also, a little on the long side
[22:30] Katie Tanner: Chomsky and Snurp
[22:30] Katie Tanner: Would make a good pair
[22:32] JamesPandLilyE: pep carboxylase and rubisco, another pair
[22:32] JamesPandLilyE: you could call them pepsi and rubsi
[22:32] Katie Tanner: pepsi and rubi
[22:32] Katie Tanner: rubsi sounds funny
[22:32] Katie Tanner: but then, so does pep carboxylase for a cat
[22:33] JamesPandLilyE: you'd have to dye them green
[22:33] JamesPandLilyE: and together
[22:33] JamesPandLilyE: they could fight photorespiration!
[22:33] Katie Tanner: Or eat the grass in the yard, in a humourous turn of events
[22:34] Katie Tanner: which is sort of fighting photorespiration
[22:36] Katie Tanner: in a really dramatic sort of way
[22:49] Katie Tanner: (Link:
[22:49] Katie Tanner: Oh god. It's like, the epitome of dorkdom
[22:49] JamesPandLilyE: hahahaha
[22:54] Katie Tanner: You know what would be awesome?
[22:54] JamesPandLilyE: what?
[22:54] Katie Tanner: To grow up to be one of those science geeks who grows up to edit song lyrics to sing about science
[22:55] Katie Tanner: I totally want to do that for a living if this dinosaur thing doesn't work out
[22:56] Katie Tanner: I did that for extra credit in AP Chem my junior year. I redid the lyrics for "Carol of the Bells" and my friend arranged it for horn, a couple clarinets, a sax, and an oboe. We roped in an alto and a soprano and we totally did a mini-concert in the classroom
[22:56] Katie Tanner: It was awesomely awesome
[22:58] JamesPandLilyE: sounds it
[22:58] JamesPandLilyE: have you heard the periodic table song?
[22:58] Katie Tanner: Yesss
[22:58] Katie Tanner: It's on my roadtrip mix...
[22:59] Katie Tanner: Um, wow. That sounds a lot dorkier when I say it like that
[22:59] Katie Tanner: What I meant to say was "Yes, I have heard of that song. It's quite amusing"[22:59] JamesPandLilyE: ha

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Of action figures of popes:

[18:01] JamesPandLilyE: just get an action figure of Emperor Palipitine
[18:01] JamesPandLilyE: I have a pez despender of his head
[18:01] JamesPandLilyE: and I say that he's giving communion
[18:02] Katie Tanner: Hahaha. It's funny because it's true.
[18:02] Katie Tanner: "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
[18:03] JamesPandLilyE: I should make a blog just for chatlogs
[18:03] Katie Tanner: It would be hilarious
[18:03] Katie Tanner: SEE?!
[18:05] Katie Tanner: God, I love the pope. But only the part where he looks like an evil character in starwars and has a popemobile
[18:05] Katie Tanner: otherwise it's just "meh"
[18:05] Katie Tanner: I wonder if Vader got a "vadermobile"